In fact, I made a leaflet, I felt a lot of things

In fact, I made a leaflet, I felt a lot of things, and found that each place gave me the feeling is different, whether it is from the crowd or the weather or time.
Although it is not so short of money, but also to prevent my mom on my summer vacation to go to play in the South Central Planning dead, you have to rely on their own! Not without mending it .... Hard to get someone willing to find me to go Leaflets .... After all, time is very difficult for me to fly leaflet time 7:30 to half past nine in the evening half past five to half past seven, the location is scheduled shift election, as to which day to go their own decisions, at least on I am very caring, after all, to look at a couple of days, what will go to the Secretary for reform, a class will .... .... a lot of things. The hiring person is a dance class. It is nice and polite to advertise free-to-experience classes, and the boss will send black tea (teabags) in the morning to teach me how to get faster and take a look at the situation. However, to get the leaflets went to Changchun to go quite sad, and an amount of eight centimeters, so several times by the 24 cm of paper get dying, would like to throw some into the recovery bucket XDIn two weeks time (not every day), went to the National Taiwan University Hospital, Shuanglian, Zhongshan, city hall, Gu Ting, Civil Rights Road, North car. Everywhere the best company in hkgives me the feeling is very different, the morning and evening too. At least, at least, I think I am a very sincere guy. Everyone who goes by will say "Thank you." No matter if I have any or not, A "Thank you." It touches on the leaflets out to let them take it ... I feel quite strange, and the performance should not be too good. Tired, can only continue to comfort myself ------ This is an invitation! (Laughter) Plus, I'll insist and stay happy, though it's just an independant contractor, that's the kind of mentality that makes things happen, sometimes tired and helpless. In the beginning, faced with a group of people coming up one by one on the escalator, they kept saying thank you, and looking at their hands would feel dizzy .... If another lump of people (almost 20) did not Take, it will feel very helpless. The second week is much better, my heart is stronger. As far as performance is concerned, we ask at the end of each performance. Of course, the factors that affect performance are of course time, weather, location, crowd, age group and the clothes I wear (serious). Like a friday day, because I want to return to Ilan, just dressed very casual, performance immediately reflected = = (of course after the second week of comparison)

The next is some of the feeling of the place, under the influence of different factors, Kutting makes me feel so cute! Despite the poor hair, but very happy. The city has been in a state of helplessness ................

The first day, morning, heavy rain; night, drizzle Zhongshan milk king

After five minutes of hair-raising, he silently matched the lady who sent the newspaper next to him. After all, most people did not get the leaflets for good news, or took the cool newspaper and went elsewhere. Cause I asked him if he could hold the leaflets inside, he said no, but can stand next to him a little bit in front, so very good performance, he also told the more familiar people, take a quick Flyers, or send out some of my flyers with cool papers when you are a lot of people. The whole is touched, but also a little talk. And the boss with a drink came to teach me how to send faster. The original sentinel newspaper people must wait until half past nine in order to go, no matter how long before the hair finished, the wife not only asked me if I would like a cool newspaper also invited me to send him a basic survey flyer on the weekend, ha. After the people are working people, very few young people and the elderly.

The same location every other week, it is very tidal after another, the police take the taxi to prevent the driver parked in the red line. Not very good hair, I do not know why, then changed several nearby locations. Last change to the MRT station stairs, the performance is much better. Actually, Ah, almost every dirty uncle who looks dirty and messy will get leaflets, and I am happy to say to me, thank you. And my mother-in-law will reach out to me = =, or ask me what it is, of course, some people will suddenly go back to a few more or I have to. That kind of feeling is fantastic

The first day, the night, but fortunately big rain; morning, sunny day, Civil Rights West Road NET

In the evening, I arrived a while later. And on the road are also working office workers, do not wear uniforms students, some students to wear uniforms and a small number of elderly, parents and children. Of course, rainy days and business hours are poorer because of umbrellas and dinner (laughs). At this time, some people still want to take it. Go, so watch your hands. Plus, if you put the paper close to the height of the hand, it will be taken away and also related to the left and right hand. When I see someone who has both hands, I'll forget, but someone will still get it or say with some frustration: "I have something in both hands .........."

Every other morning, a wife with a cool newspaper, a mother who works at home and a banker who makes leaflets, and a wife who makes a cool report seem to be unfamiliar with everyone. The mom did not respond to his speech. The mother (In fact, my wife) first hair, it seems to be the nature of leisure and community work in the community, because there are two meters away from the good news, so far looks like throwing a lot of fish feed Water, and the feeling of the fish are rushing past, very lively, of course, soon finished hair. The banker said to me: "Your DM looks more attractive and we are all black and white." "But my bigger one (A4) would be less convenient to say it." And the mom and her co-workers go back and forth again and again, chatting with me for a while. In fact, there are some people who, I found, collect leaflets all the way, and I should say that I will take it for granted. Most people, as long as they take one, will take the second one.

Night, morning, rainy day, MRT Taida Hospital

Stand in front of escalators up one by one, almost all will take, but the number of bursts will hit (hide), where many elderly people wearing suits, and wearing suits almost do not take. Her mother-in-law and old uncle said: "I am old and can not jump." (Laughs) Even so, many elderly people will still take it. The children sometimes see I will open my eyes wide, but also put my hand out, had to give him ............ otherwise it is a look of "I want that" look. During this period, there was a guarantee that came to tell me that it could not be made here, but disappeared for a while and went back. Do not know is because of the flyer's sake, 20% of men will take, but mostly in the morning .... Uniform students can not say that take, the boys are more or less will take and then say thank you. And, as long as the rear-facing person sees the person in front of him in the close-aligned state, he will take it, so he will fall into trouble again when the moment is missed because the same person who did not take the previous person, It will not take. Always someone first start ..... (laughs) So in this case we have to seize the opportunity, up to only up to five consecutive hair, and instantly take DM out, if the middle of a missing person, but also to start again , After all, we only difference first-class escalator distance.

Every other week night, National Taiwan University Hospital is on the 2nd exit rather than outbound people, so there is no chance to flyers, after all, have to accept the umbrella. So go to Exit 1 (February 28 Park) a lot of people want to stop, especially a child in a woman. Still, almost uniformed students do not take. It touches on a lot of people going out to the 228 Park (?)



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